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MOBLIQUE by Luis Creations


From the gentleman who has brought us SOAP, the calligraphy ink stirrer, now brings us a beautifully designed new Pen Holder.

MOBLIQUE is a 2-in-1 budget straight and oblique penholder. Yes, that's right.  A pen holder that converts from a straight pen holder to an oblique pen holder with ease.  It has a compartment to hold nibs inside the body of the holder.  They are also interchangeable so you can create your own favourite colour combinations, as I know you wont just purchase one.  English Rose and Copper Sunrise or will Dead Sea Clay and Golden Sunshine be my favourite.  I just don't know.  What will yours be?  

Luis has been working so hard to create, refine and to bring to fruition this much needed calligraphy tool.  Not only is it functional but it's aesthetic is truly amazing.  Take it from someone who has had the privilege of writing with it.  


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