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Welcome to the House of

Calligraphy Supplies Australia 

New learnings, new products and some changes are a foot. Many months of new product development, and in some cases years, are coming to fruition and I’m excited to say I can finally
see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
This year hasn’t started exactly how we would have liked it. However my new mantra is to
‘go slower to go faster’.
Your continued support is greatly appreciated to
support this family business.
To know that every order we send out is nurturing the love of calligraphy is a humbling experience.
We are  looking forward to releasing our new products and booking more workshops at some inspiring locations later this year. 

Much Love 
Kerry XO



Inks, nibs, pens & everything you could possibly want for calligraphy... in one place! Created by a calligrapher for calligraphers in Australia.