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Snail Mail Challenge - Holiday Edition!

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Are you as sick of boring post as I am?!

If so, join us for CSA's first Snail Mail Challenge!

Calligraphy Supplies Australia Snail Mail Challenge
Stunning Calligraphy by the super talented Moya Carroll of Calligraphy by Moya & @moyagraphy
It's almost the holiday season and if you are anything like me, you are sick and tired of getting yucky bills and flyers in the post, rather than beautiful notes. So, inspired by a gorgeous letter I received the other day, I thought we could join forces and make each other's days a little brighter with our first Snail Mail Challenge.
I know it's a busy time of year, so don't be put off thinking that you have to change the world with your submission. All we want is to put a smile on a fellow calligrapher or letterer's face with a lovely, non-bill this holiday season. 
Here's what's involved:
  • Send me your name & mailing address
  • I'll send you the name & mailing address of someone to whom you will address your letter or card
  • Get creative & send them a short note or card with your beautiful work (And don't worry--everyone from the very beginningest of beginners to the most talented of artists is welcome!!) before December 9, 2016
  • Receive a letter from your new calligrafriend and smile!
Remember... this is just a bit of fun, so don't stress about it! Receiving a nice letter will make anyone's day!

So, put on your creative caps and join in! Last date to sign up is this Friday, November 18th. 

Get involved by clicking through to the contact form with your name & address. I'll add you to our growing list.
Any questions? Let me know!
xo Danielle

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  • Gabrielle Sherwood on

    Hi Danielle, I just discovered your website & have put in an order.I have signed up for your newsletter as well. Sorry I have missed the snail mail challenge, I would have loved it! Maybe there will be another down the track.
    Kind regards, Gabrielle

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