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 If there ever was a favourite watercolour brush then these would be it.

Raphaël Travel Brushes

Raphael brushes have been made in France since 1793. The original workshop was located in Paris, but later relocated to Oinville, 50 km from Paris where it remained until the end of the last century. In 1925, the fine art brush factory was shifted east to become ‘Atelier St. Brieuc’ in Brittany. The company is still owned by the Sauer family.

All Raphael brushes are double-set or glued into the base and only the finest quality ferrules are used. Traditional methods have been passed down to ensure the finest quality, and extensive research has gone into the manufacturing process.  


Raphaël Honey Based Soap

This delicious smelling soap will keep your brushes clean and in tip top condition.