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e + m Marbled Pen Holder

e + m Marbled Pen Holder

These straight marbled Penholders are individually handmade and the marbling therefore varies in design. They are suitable for all kinds of pen nibs and is perfect for modern calligraphy.  This nib holder is also environmental as it is made from FSC-certified wood.  The pattern will vary slightly from one holder to another. This holder works with most standard pointed dip pen nibs and Brause Bandzug nibs.  


As a modern calligraphy gal myself, I can say that these penholders are well balanced, feel great in the hand and look pretty snazzy.

*Please note.  Due to the nature of the marbling process, the designs may vary and may not be exactly like the photo.  

**Nibs are not included with this nib holder.

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