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ASH BUSH Tilted Calligraphy Ink Holder



Ash is the creative force behind this endeavour! This particular range is called Resonate.  Yes that's right, they are made from resin.

"The tilted ink holder is a top selling calligraphy accessory, for sure. And it makes sense, I use my ink holder every time I do calligraphy. It makes dipping the nib into the jar so much easier, and I don't have to keep the jar filled to the brim in order to make sure the nib is fully covered with ink. What makes these ink holders better than the other ones is that they're waterproof! Your ink can be washed right off of it, and it comes in beautiful colours to add to your desk. Included with it is a large mouthed ink jar - which means an oblique flange has no problem dipping into your ink!" Ash Bush

To clean: wipe it down with Windex and water!

Just one more step and purchase the pen pillow and your creative space will look perfect.