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A Box of Pearl Ex Pigments


If you love creating rainbow ink colours and experimenting then this is the  box for you.  Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments were specifically developed as an art material and are extremely easy to use. Their incredible flexibility lends itself to a vast array of techniques. Your biggest problem may be deciding which technique to use.  

Everything you need to create you own calligraphy inks and more is included in these packs (Except the distilled water).  Each pack includes:

Six Pearl Ex 2g Jars in two options.


  • Solar Gold
  • Super Russet
  • Pink Gold
  • Grey Lavender
  • True Blue
  • Emerald 



  • Solar Gold
  • Aztec Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Super Bronze
  • Super Copper
  • Silver
One 28g Jar Gum Arabic

One Ink Starter Kit (3 Jars and 2 Bottles with Droppers, Amber Coloured Glass)

The only problem will be on deciding which colour to create first.