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The Travelling Calligraphy Kit


Over the past few years there are times when I want to take my calligraphy supplies with me when I travel.  Okay, every time I travel.  I always worry about my things getting damaged.  So it got me thinking about what could I carry them in and keep everything together.  Then I came across these cute little "Tool Boxes".  I call it The Travelling Calligraphy Kit.  Things I may need.  Pen Holders, Nibs, Erasers, Pencils, Pens, and of course The Coliro gold palette.  The Kit includes:

  • Tool Box
  • Multipurpose Container
  • 50ml Spray Bottle


Traveling with your special calligraphy supplies has never been easier.

*  PLEASE NOTE All accessories, inks, palette and  tools in the photos are NOT included.  They serve only as an indication of the capacity of the Tool Box.  I always keep my ink and distilled water in seperate zip lock bags to make sure leaks are keep to a minimum.  There is nothing worse than sumi ink everywhere! 


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