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Vintage Nibs



Blanzy Départementale Cementée 2552

This nib has a reputation.  A favourite of some of my favourite calligraphers, this vintage (yep, hipsters, it's vintage) nib is a beauty for super fine hairlines and sweet swelled strokes. It is exceptionally flexible and responsive making it perfect for Ornamental Scripts and Spencerian.  Those with a lighter hand will be well rewarded.

Blanzy Départmentale 552

Some say it's hoard worthy!  They are very smooth and provides thin lines and generous swells.  A new favourite if you love the Blanzy 2552.

Henry's 620

This nib is a smooth writer and great for beginners too.  Fine lines and some say you hardly have to re dip.

Baignol & Farjon 2730EF Henry Supérieure

This nib is medium soft and with very fine hairlines and moderate shades.


*Vintage nibs are super tricky to find, so limited stock is available. Once this stock is sold, it may be a while before more come in. 

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