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Yoke Pen Company Nib and Pen Wipe - 5 Pack


As calligraphers we spend a lot of moolah on our equipment so it’s important to keep it in tip top shape. That’s why these new Nib and Pen Wipes from Yoke Pen Co are great. Are you tired of fluff getting on the end of your nib when you clean it? Or that lint gets into your ink. Christopher Yoke from Yoke Pen Co developed these lint free wipes because he was tired of ‘picking lint and fuzz off the end of his pointed pen nib.’ He worked with a company to create the perfect wipe. Here are the benefits of these super soft clothes:

  • 100% Lint Free
  • 8” x 10” in size
  • Extremely Soft Cloth with low particulate count means you don’t contaminate your inkwell with fibres.
  • Developed specifically for water based inks, but solvent safe.
  • Ink is absorbed into the middle of the wipe, leaving the surface usable to wipe again.
  • One side is a smooth texture and the other has a quilted texture, allowing you to choose a texture preference
  • Each wipe lasts longer than one roll of paper towels, reducing waste
  • 10 times stronger than paper towel

Christopher’s suggestion:

“My suggestion for use is to fold in half and then in half again resulting in a ‘quartered’ wipe. I use one surface until full and them flip over. Once that areas is full, I unfold and fold back the other direction, leaving two new surfaces to use. I practice about 2 hours each day and each wipe lasts me about one month. Just keep using it until the wipe won’t hold anymore ink and then throw it away. 

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