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2. Tenth Day of Christmas - A Devine Watercolour Bundle of Sennelier, Raphaël and Hahnemühle


On the Tenth Day of Christmas my True Love Gave to Me......

A Devine Watercolour Bundle of Sennelier, Raphaël and Hahnemühle

 This package includes:

Sennelier La Petite Aquarelle 12 x Half Pan Watercolour Travel Box

La Petite Aquarelle” is the little sister of “L’Aquarelle”, the Sennelier professional watercolour range, and is a colourful, fine quality watercolour manufactured in France. The pigments have been specifically selected for their mixaibility and the binding agent is reinforced with glycerin and has been produced to allow a smoother application of the colour onto the paper. This formulation of “La Petite Aquarelle” is designed to make it easier to produce mixtures and washes and is perfect for artists who are learning how to master watercolour.

Includes 12 x Half Pans in colours 116 Titanium White, 574 Primary Yellow, 645 Orange, 695 Primary Red, 690 Rose Madder Laquer, 307 Cobalt Blue Hue, 326 Primary Blue, 807 Deep Green, 805 Green Yellow, 252 Yellow Ochre, 202 Burnt Umber and 703 Payne's Grey.


Raphaël Travel Brushes

Raphael brushes have been made in France since 1793. The original workshop was located in Paris, but later relocated to Oinville, 50 km from Paris where it remained until the end of the last century. In 1925, the fine art brush factory was shifted east to become ‘Atelier St. Brieuc’ in Brittany. The company is still owned by the Sauer family.

All Raphael brushes are double-set or glued into the base and only the finest quality ferrules are used. Traditional methods have been passed down to ensure the finest quality, and extensive research has gone into the manufacturing process.  


Raphaël Honey Based Soap

This delicious smelling soap will keep your brushes clean and in tip top condition.


Hahnemühle A5 Watercolour Book

With 60 pages / 30 sheets, this watercolour book is compact while offering an ample amount of pages to paint your memories on. The natural white 200gsm paper features a fine grained surface structure on both sides.  With a durable cover and a rubber band to hold the cover together your art work is protected. It is acid free and features a high longevity.



So there you go. I hope you have as much pleasure creating with this bundle as I had putting it together.  Enjoy!



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