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New Foil Lettering Pen - Info Page

*Foil Lettering Pens arriving mid-June 2017. Pre-orders available online May 3rd, 2017*


Are you ready to foil up leather, canvas, wood and more with your amazing lettering and calligraphy? This New Foil Lettering Pen by the talented team at The Curious Artisan have created an amazing pen that will help you do just that. And ps -- it's EXCLUSIVE to Calligraphy Supplies Australia!

Only $69, including sheets of foil to practice.


The Lettering Foil Pen is specially designed for calligraphy and lettering.  Tips are angled to resemble a pointed pen or broad edge pen so you can write and apply foil with more ease.

  • Four (4) interchangeable tips: fine, extra fine, broad, and extra broad.  Its like having 3 more pens for the extra money.
  • Portable; hand-held battery operated (3pcs AA battery needed) foil pen
  • Can foil on most surfaces like paper, leather (except waxed leather), wood and some types of canvas fabric
  • Comes with 30 sheets (4"x6") of foil in 5 colors (gold, silver, red, blue, fuschia); 6 sheets per color
  • Comes with a lettering and foiling guide by Gail Madalag, M.D., R.Ph. (@the_md_writes) and Carl Chua (@carligraphy)
  • For extra foils, please click here.
  • For leather goods, please click here.
  • Click here to watch video clips of the old Modified Foil Pen being used by @carligraphy @the_md_writes and @origamidreamer
  • Delivery starts in June 2017.

    Proper Care and Usage:

    • Use brand new alkaline batteries. 
    • Make sure batteries are correctly and securely attached.
    • Preheat pen for at least 1 minute before use. Pen must be hot enough for foil to adhere to surface.
    • Use tape to attach foil to surface with shiny side up. (Washi tapes are recommended as it does not leave a residue on the surface.) 
    • Make sure foil is stretched flat and is in full contact with the surface for a nice foil transfer.