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Wooden Oblique Pen Holder Created by Libbi Reed

Wooden Oblique Pen Holder Created by Libbi Reed


Libbi Reed is a lover of calligraphy and all things hand lettering and the maker of beautiful calligraphy penholders made from quality Australian woods from the Gold Coast, Queensland. Libbi started writing pointed pen calligraphy and has continued this love of writing into her teaching and research at Griffith University within the graphic design discipline.

Libbi has fallen in love with the whole process of turning wood into penholders and now has made her penholders available to others. You can find a selection of oblique penholders to buy here with more styles and colours to come.

The colour and feel of these amazing Australian wood oblique holders is almost enough to sell them.

But then you feel the balance and see the handmade details.  I love mine and I'm sure you will love it too.


Handmade in Australia  by Libbi Reed.

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