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Vintage Nib Bundle


These vintage nibs are tried and tested.  If you have never tried them then this is the perfect opportunity to give these babies a try.  The bundle includes 6 Nibs:

  • 1 Blanzy Départementale Cementée 2552
  • 1 Blanzy Départmentale 552
  • 1 Henry's 605
  • 1 Henry's 620
  • 1 Baignol & Farjon 2436EF Velleda Cémentée
  • 1 Baignol & Farjon 2730EF Henry Supérieure

 Tin not included.

*Vintage nibs are super tricky to find, so limited stock is available. Once this stock is sold, it may be a while before more come in. 

This nib bundle can be sent with Nib Shipping.



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