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How to use Finetec Colour Pans for Calligraphy

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Or ...Falling in Love with Metallic Ink

WARNING: Reading this post will make you want to write everything in metallic. Stop now, if you wish to stay matte.

I think it's fair to say that metallic inks rock my world. I LOVE them. There is just something about that little bit of shine glinting off paper that is divine. Don't you agree?

So, my obsession is assisted by Finetec with their incredible metallic colour pans -- golds, silvers, colours... sigh... I've just made up my own tray using Golden Orange, Rose, Blue Green, Blue Silver & Black Pearl. It's a bit of a treat!

They are super easy to use, but can be a bit scary if you've never used watercolour style inks before, so here's a quick tutorial on how to use them:

Finetec Colour Pan Tutorial

First, get your ducks in a row. You'll need:

  • a paintbrush (I use a square short bristle brush from the dollar shop)
  • Nib & Penholder all set up, clean & ready (I've used the super comfy Tachikawa holder & Nikko G for this tutorial)
  • Dropper with water (our 30ml Eye Dropper or anything else that can deliver small amounts of water)
  • water for rinsing

Finetec Metallic Ink Tutorial for Calligraphy at Calligraphy Supplies Australia

Step 1:  Add 2-3 drops of water onto the colour pan.

Step 2: Using a clean paintbrush, mix the water into the pigment.

Step 3: "Paint" some ink onto the back of your nib, making sure that you cover the vent hole.

Finetec Coliro Metallic Colours for Calligraphy at Calligraphy Supplies Australia

Step 4: Wipe off any excess & test that your ink is flowing on a scrap piece of paper. Shake off excess ink or more water as needed.

Step 5: Make beautiful words!

Golden Orange Finetec metallic ink at Calligraphy Supplies Australia


It's that easy! All of the Finetec colour pans work the same way, and have a rich, opaque goodness that makes writing on any paper surface a treat. They also dry to a beautifully metallic embossed finish, that really makes your calligraphy stand out.

Here's a video I did of this tutorial that you can share:


Have you used Finetec? Do you love it? Share your thoughts below!

xo Danielle

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  • Heather St John on

    Yay, I am so excited to get my Finetec’s from you! Thanks for a great blog too!

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