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DIY Calligraphy Tripod for Mobiles

I know there are more of you out there than just me who have knocked over, whacked, shaken or nearly blinded yourselves trying to film what you are writing. Aren't there??

In an effort to get a great angle to film my work, I did a little McGyvering (we're talking old school McGyver, not this fluffy haired new chap) with an old Ikea desk light and a c&c (that's "cheap and cheerful") mobile tripod. It's AWESOME! And given the pieces were just lying around, cost me nothing. I love that.

The best part is with the desk clamp element of the tripod, I can change it's position depending on the light, the work I'm creating, or the size of my piece. And my big head doesn't get in the way of the filming.

DIY Overhead Desk tripod for mobiles

So... here's how I did it:

Using this old tripod (that you can buy on Aliexpress for $8.50, or from your local dollar shop), I detached the part that holds the phone. And after detaching the light from my old desk light (the Global light from Ikea...not sure if they still sell it, but I suspect any old desk light will do. Try your local Salvos or Vinnies store for a bargain!), screwed the two pieces together.

DIY Overhead projector for mobile phone DIY mobile phone tripod for filming calligraphy


 The bolt was a little loose, so I stuffed a bit of plastic tape around the screw to tighten it up. (See, what did I tell you, McGyver, right??)

And voila... overhead tripod for your phone to video all of your amazing calligraphy.

Now... go get shooting & share your thoughts and tips below. And don't forge to share your videos on Instagram using the hashtag #calligraus . I LOVE seeing what you are up to!

xo McGyver ... Oops, I mean...

xo Danielle

PS-- this is how I filmed the Schmincke Gouache tutorial the other day. Will post that this weekend!

DIY overhead tripod for filming calligraphy


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  • Sue W on

    Clever girl! ?

  • Gemma Collins on

    Brilliant! I will definitely be trying this out asap! xx

  • Rey Paje on

    I cant believe I haven’t thought of this. This is genius

    Thanks McGyver ?

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