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7 Questions with... Glenda Davis

glenda davis leterring workshop written by hand

Welcome to what I hope will become a regular feature of awesome calligraphers and letterers around Australia. These people have inspired me over the years, and I'd love to share some of their secrets with you. So here we go, with our first calligrapher...

Written by Hand by Glenda Davis

I met Glenda at a workshop run in Sydney. There I was, a nerdy calligrapher amongst a herd of cool hipster hand letterers, when in swoops this fabulous lady... fellow calligrapher, Glenda Davis. 

And so it began... a friendship of pointed pen gals. 

Glenda is a super talented calligrapher, working her style in pointed pen, chalk and signage for clients far & wide.

Thank you, Glenda,  for being a) lovely and b) our first featured calligrapher! 

xo Danielle


7 Questions with Glenda Davis

How did you get started in your career as a calligrapher?

 I started out my working life as a draftswoman where I had to hand draw and hand letter   engineering plans, sitting down to an hour hand lettering practise every morning before I could draw a line. I guess that’s where my discipline started. It was a pretty blokey  environment  and I wanted to do more decorative writing and hand lettering. So I started at college at night and did Showcard and Ticket Writing for 2 years learning all manner of styles of typography and  lettering  skills with brush and nibs and loved it so much I topped the state!  I moved on much later and did graphic design.  My first love is calligraphy  – I find it the most creative!

Love Letter by Glenda Davis at Written By Hand

What makes up the majority of your work these days?

Bit of a mix really mostly from Event and PR companies , wedding planners and brides and I am doing a lot of commission work lately, which I love!


Biggest calligraphy disaster?

I had to re-do a whole addressing job after I took it on a weekend away to finish as it was a quick turnaround job -  they sent the wrong size envelopes so I had to re-do all of them!! GRRR!

Beautiful place setting by Glenda Davis Written by Hand Calligraphy

Desert Island tool? (The one... or two... you can't live without!)

I have a couple..Light box,  my 1930’s inkwell and take away chopsticks for ink mixing.

(DS-- LOVE that chopstick tip! I'm forever using the back of my paintbrush. Cue ink on face)


Favourite ink?

I like to mix my own colours though, though Aztec Gold has my heart!!


Best secret trick of the trade?

When the ink isn’t flowing well or bleeds, add a little Gum Arabic to the mix it is my go-to magic in a bottle

Chalk Signage by the very talented Glenda Davis of Written by Hand


How would you describe your style?

A bit of old school with a new twist!


Sneaky 8th question: 

If you were a superhero, what would be your super power?

Don’t know about being a superhero. I would like to have a few super powers. I think I would like to have a bit of Jeanie magic sometimes and blink some jobs finished!  Have the power to read minds and write perfectly with both hands at the same time!


Glenda Davis Written by Hand envelope


Love Glenda's work? Have a comment? Want to nominate someone to feature?

Post a comment below!

xo Danielle


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